Revell Colombo Express 1/700 scale


May 6, 2009
Revell Colombo Express Cargo Ship in 1/700 scale

I am mostly a sci-fi builder, but I do have a friend working in logistics. He's a big fan of cargo ships and when the Revell kit of the Colombo Express came out, I wanted to build it for him. I already started once, met a girl (my now wife) and thus lost interest in modelling, though, and even trashed the already half complete model. Last year I came back to my hometown and decided to give it yet another go. Bought some PE from MK-Models and got going.

The kit comes with a 100 % load, which is kinda unrealistic, so right away most of the work was cutting the container stacks down to a more realistic and random size. The ship itself is built very quickly and the PE railing and stairs probably took as long as the plastic parts. I was cursing a lot, lost some pieces and hope that nobody will notice. Painting the containers was quite a chore as well, since I didn't want to use a brush (tried that, lines between colors were too uneven) and had to mask every container stack, for every different container color. It took quite some time, but it's definitely worth it imho.

Other than that there is nothing special about the model. Got a nice acrylics case made for it as well, and ordered some digital print of some water surface to at least give the base a watery look without having to delve into resin water as well.

Pictures of the build process can be found here:
(If you can't access this, it's like because I have no https:// on that domain, yet. I'll get to it eventually)


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