1. S

    Looking for the USS Constitution

    I’m fairly new to model building and I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I was looking to get the Revell USS Constitution 1/196 size (85-5404). On the Revell website it says it’s a Level 5 build, but when I go looking to buy it, all I see is Level 3. Am I missing something?
  2. elend

    Revell Colombo Express 1/700 scale

    Revell Colombo Express Cargo Ship in 1/700 scale I am mostly a sci-fi builder, but I do have a friend working in logistics. He's a big fan of cargo ships and when the Revell kit of the Colombo Express came out, I wanted to build it for him. I already started once, met a girl (my now wife) and...
  3. FB0AA7B7-429D-4531-97C5-466A43A7DFF0.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo
  4. 33F95029-4A71-40C0-8857-03A3C5E24AE5.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo. Engine detail.
  5. 23EC3EE7-2322-46C8-B74E-99B851A888E1.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo.
  6. Belugawrx

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    The 2020 Cannonball build is on, this years topic, vehicles in movies and on tv. (We have a year to build) I chose the Cobra from the original Gumball Rally movie Can't lose ,...right..? I mean, it won in the movie,...right...? Anyway there are about 30 of us competing in the race so every...