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May 14, 2009
Hey everybody,

So here I am, stuck in Halifax NS for a month, and I don't feel like going out every night and pummeling my liver! I brought along parts for my RSD to work on in the evenings, basically I'm adding bits and peices of styrene to the hull to break up the smoothness and give it the illusion of size. Here's a early shot:

I eventually added some bits and peices on the tower for "Whiz-bang!" You can also see some of the 'plumbing' in the cannon wells.



Comments, praise, fan mail and marriage proposals are always welcome!
Very cool detailing 8).
Would look magnifeek lit up!!!
So that's what all those styrene off-cuts are for!LOL ;D

I applaud your work, sir.
Those cannon wells came out looking fantastic, and the detail you've added works wonders. I would have never thought to add more detail to the kit the way you've done it.

Fantastic job, so far.

note: I just took a trip to New Orleans and took a model with me to work on in my down time at the hotel...most of that down time was used to recover from a series of hangovers.
Wow yes. That's the spirit. Looks absolutely gorgeous already and that's what I am planning for my Star Destroyer as well. I am currently watching a japanese Republic Star Destroyer Making Of blog. He's adding quite some stuff as well. You may find some inspiration here:
That is amazing detail mate. The time and effort has paid off. I can't wait to see it painted.

Chas ;)
WOW thats about all I can say...... you must have more patience than me cause that look like some serious time spent on that.....
That is heroic my friend. My wife looked over my shoulder as I was checking the pics and she was impressed too. Are you planning something cool for the bridge? When I look at the box art the first thing I think is, man they could have done a better job there.
Thanks for the kind words everybody!

I plan to light the beast. I am basing some of my work on ANOTHER Japanese blog (which I can't seem to find right now, otherwise I would have posted it). I have bought 100 LED's and over 200ft of fibre optic strands!

And Shark, I located some photoetch radiator grill from Acu-Stion that is a perfect match for the triangular windows seen on star destroyers. I will post some more pictures once I get online with my own computer.

Stay tuned...
I had the opportunity to see this kit in person the other day and I can tell's FANTASTIC!
Hey there Darph,

Since you are "stuck" in Halifax for the next month, if you fancy a road trip up to Fredericton, we are hosting out 21st annual model show here on Sat. May 30th.

See the post under the "linkage" section for more details.
Thanks for all the encouragement!

I'll try to post some new pics ths weekend, including shots of the bottom of the hull. Half of the kit it back on the West Coast, so I can only do the top and bottom for now. Once I get home, I have to finish my Viper MKI-D, a copy of REL's excellent BTL-B Y-Wing, and a tank I am building on contract! Busy busy busy!
Hi everybody,

Sorry I didn't get this out to you on Sunday like I said, life got in the way. In the meantime I went to visit Scott, and let me tell you, what we see onscreen is exactly what we get! Nothin' but scale model goodness!

Now then, onto the build!

Here are some shot of the top and bottom together. I think I was a bit heavy handed on the bottom, so I have been trying to reach a happy medium between the two.



You can see here that I've opened up the windows in anticipation of window frames (1/12 scale radiator grills from Acu-Stion)

That is amazing. Great to meet you too Darth! If you're bored on the weekend you should drive to Fredericton for CAMS!

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