Pre contest quickie: AT-AT


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Been messing around with more preshading and highlights. I've revisited the black a bit with the new Badger primer black and I've picked out some pure white highlights with a brush thanks to the tip from Simmons. Have to get legs, neck and head glued up.

Almost ready for basecoat. I'm thinking a mix of Tamiya med grey and some kinda light blue. Any recommendations?

Don't want to rush this but getting anxious to crack into a contest build. :)


or Jonathan if you prefer
Nice modulation and highlights.

The way the foot is raised and the highlights, it almost looks like a runway model stepping out. "And now, Miss KDY in her Walker apparel. She is truly All-Terran in these leggings. And how about those blasters...wouldn't want to be caught in that crossfire, boys." ;D


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LOL Unreality...thanks.

Thanks John. I hope this thing looks huge when it's finished.

Shadow walker! That's a cool name. Thanks Nic.


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It's looking brilliant Scott,....what kit is it?

The pre-shading looks cool,'ll be a monster when its done



cut. glue. paint. repeat.
That shading looks pretty wild Scott. I kind of like the way it looks preshaded - sort of reminds me of certain modern game or animation styles, in a Star Wars meets Hot Wheels way...



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Thanks guys. Appreciate you following along. Had some time with Mrs Krome tonight.

Here's the mix I went with. About 75% Sky Grey with 25% White and a dash of Light Blue. Ended up being a pretty light grey. Kinda...well, not sure. It'll do.

Then, using the airbrush, I sprayed vertical streaks and built up the color.

Until I had this:

Here's how I left the bench tonight:

I still have lots I want to do with this. Thanks for watching.

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