modeling injurys

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Jdog71 said:
ckriskross09c said:
How can it just shot out!

I was squeezing a bit too hard apparently...
(thats-what-she-said) :D


I lost a needle file like that. Applied a little too much pressure in the wrong direction, and it flew off into space in my basement. I looked for it immediately on the floor but couldn't find it. Nearly 10 years later, I found it, on one of the shelves behind my seat at the bench. Ya never know...


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I'm new to this site, thought I'd find info. for wood carving. I read about different injury stories. As an instructor for carving I have seen many weird injuries, on the power side of carving, an experienced carver was using cordless power tool, the bit got caught in his shirt and cut him up pretty bad. On the whittling side, a lady was using a knife while carving a caricature, it slipped out of her hand stuck in to the top of her foot. Class one starts with personal safety (glove,thumb guard, eye protection, and proper use of tools. No sandals, use power tools with your hands over a table not close to your body. Anyway, how do I learn more about what ya'll are making?


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Being in construction , I've seen more than enough dangerous activity and injuries .
I stop people doing stuff all the time . Especially concerning saws and ladders .

" how do I learn more about what ya'll are making? "
LOL , what specifically ? Tools and material ?