Jaguar XKE 1/8 scale by Aurora Products - Looking for Assembly Instructions


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Jun 7, 2021
Looking for assembly instructions for the Jaguar XKE 1/8 scale plastic model made by Aurora Products (1972). I got the partially assembled model kit years ago and it didn't come with instructions. Appreciate any assistance out there!
Heh - good luck !
You'll need to continuously search Ebay , Lots-of-Models , etc etc .
Get ready for some sticker shock , even if you can find only the instructions for sale .

You could email these guys and ask for help : [email protected]
Thanks for your recommendations. I was not able to get the instructions I needed, but I got to check out Rocketfin which I didn't know of.
Anyway, the Baron replied to this thread and he recommended Scalemates - and I was able to download the instructions I needed. If you have not heard of this database, it's definitely worth the visit.
Heh - I recommend it all the time .
Surprised I didn't this time , but didn't add it since Baron did .
Glad you got what you needed . Only a minority of kits there are accompanied by instructions .

Another FYI ,This vendor often has the instructions , sprue shots , decal images for kits that they sell
(wouldn't help for long out of print kits though) :

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