Heritage class warship (andromeda) update


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May 6, 2009
Early this week i got an invitation for a rapid manufacturing seminar/workshop on the 15th of september.
Its sponsored by the governement and there's a contest involved.
The items for the contest in the category rapid manufacturing (its a yearly thing) vary from chairs, lamps, jewelry to whatever.
We were asked to bring .stl files so that we can print stuff for that contest, which will be judged by the visitors of an exhibition in october.
Prices are 3D CAD software and thousands of euro's worth of vouchers for 3D printing (which is nice for poor sods like me :) )
This is what i'm gonna print next tuesday if everything turns out OK.
It's gonna be 54.7 x 31.8 x 14.2 cm and hollow.
That's about 21.5" long for you imperial folks.
Its not finished, but i still have till tuesday to add details.
I would never be able to print this from a financial point of view, but now it's free and there's a chance for more 3D printing and software.
so what do you guys think ?

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Re: Heritage class warship (andromeda)

Wow, what an opportunity. Looks very great. I wish you the best for the contest! :D Please post pics of the printed ship then.
Re: Heritage class warship (andromeda)

Unfortunately i suffered from what i believe they call herniated disks in english, happened about 2 weeks before i had to enter my design for the contest, so i couldn't finish it.
This means i had to stop the printing and give it another go for next year's contest.
I did however have a small one without details printed just to wet your appetite (and mine), since i hardly could move for the last couple of weeks i didn't have time to do anything with it.
Last tuesday i started putting that 13cm version together.
here are some pictures of what i've done so far:
I printed the parts in SLS (not the smoothests material, but it was only a test.
the following links take you to the pictures

a dry fit
a detail of the dry fit

I tried to put on a layer of PU before building it, but in hindsite that was a bad move, better build it completely and then add a layer of 2k PU paint to smoothen the lot

3/4 front angle: the blades in front were too thin to be printed so i cut them from paperthin brass (0.15mm) and fit them in the grooves i already made in the design for the ribbled ones.
3/4 back angle
2 top views
still a little sanding to do then som drawing of the humps with tiny lines of epoxy, some aves work on the pods, then alclad primer, glossy black basecoat and finaly dark aluminium.

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