My collection of Anti-Gravity Vehicles - (UPDATE!!!!!!)


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Hi all. I thought I'd share some of my scratch built and kit-bashed AG(anti-gravity) models with you. Hope you like them. Hold on to your seats...lots of photos:

1. The G-8 Cargo 'anti-gravity pod. This is a small low level cargo vehicle. One that conveys smaller goods and mechanical items around a major industrial factory. Basically indoors chore with a mega huge space. But it can be used outside to convey goods between two complex.





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The Walrus:

This build went together rather easy. I started off with the IDF Nagmachon APC kit from Hobbyboss, that I received as a reward for the ‘Random Award’ in November 2017. I then converted the kit into a hover unit using the kits original parts only, making up about 98% of the bulk of the vehicle. The only scratch build parts and foreign items used in this built, was the rear panel, with the rounded exhausts mounted on; a few white styrene here and there, and empty astma canisters used for the four engines. The weaponry were modified and extra parts added to give them a distinctive look from my box of ‘Misc’ model parts from other kits I have collected over the years. The name ‘Walrus’ was given due to the shape and size of the overall look of the vehicle.



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(AGGC) Anti-Gravity Go-Cart.

I did some changes to the original car that I made sometime ago. I wanted a little more aggressive look and thus came up with this design. I used quite a few everyday items and parts from my 'Misc. box of tricks'.

Original kit:

After Conversion:


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