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May 6, 2009
Hi all, :-[
Just signed up to photobucket and I'm trying to upload my photos onto the forums, but to no avail :mad:
I'm a NUMPTY when it comes to things without cogs and gears, could somebody enlightened in the way of the bucket please give me an idiots guide to uploading photies.
Cheers Joolz ;D
When you upload your photos to photobucket...put your mouse on the photo and a a box will open and scroll down to the img file..highlight that file and copy it, then goto forum and paste it to your forum. Hope this helps.

yo how do u upload photos coz a lot of people just have normal photos and others have links?

If you have a photobucket account,then it's easy to post inline photos(something that only cheap forums won't allow)! If you want to upload a photo,sign in,and left click(button on the mouse)on the upload option. Next, select which photo you want to use left click(button on the mouse). If the photo is in a folder,left button click(on the mouse) on it anyway,and it'll open. Then,select the photo that you want(left click). After it comes up on the screen(uploaded to photobucket),just left click the "return to album" option. Scroll over the photo until a small dropdown menu shows under the photo. You'll see a white box with four small bars,each with its' own code. Click the left mouse button on the bottom one,then right click with the mouse until the bar turns blue. When the menu comes up,right click on COPY. Then,come back to the forum,and post whatever message you want. Then after it,right on the mouse,and select PASTE.

This will insert(parse text,or code)the link automatically into the post. Hit enter TWICE,and it'll add a space between your message,and the photo. All you have to do is click on POST,and you're message will appear with the photo in the thread,or post you entered.

If you're still signed into photobucket,and you want to post more photos than just one,then post as if you're going to do as you usually do. If you're still writing the same post,you can still add more pictures. Only,go to the top of your web browser,and click on the drop down menu,and enter(left click on the mouse)the URL for photobucket. Then go to your album,and upload the photos the same way I just described from your photobucket account,but use your browser (blue arrow) back button at the top of the screen,until you get to the post,and you can paste the photos' image code,and the use the browser blue forward button to go back to your album again,and choose another photo. You can keep doing this until you get all your photos uploaded to this site!

It's best if you upload all your pictures that you want on the photobucket site first,to save having to go back,and reload your message,as it will delete it if you try to upload pictures TO photobucket while trying to edit a post. Your page will come up blank if you upload photos to another website like photobucket while trying to add a new post to the forum. I've had this happen a few times until I figured out what I was doing wrong. I don't understand why,but it will do this,kind of like if you refresh the page without posting it. That too will delete your post,leaving a blank page,and having to start over again.:'(

I hope this helps!

PM me,if you have any questions,or if you have trouble getting this to work.
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