Foxbody Fever! 88GT and 90LX kit-bash build


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Jul 17, 2020
Time has been a weird concept lately. Got some stuff done. Almost complete.

I got the 350/700r4 Chevy plant successfully swapped in, plumbed and wired. Master cylinder is plumbed. IMG_1001.JPG IMG_1009.JPG
Interior is buttoned up. Final details include things I envisioned from the start. Such as the busted window regulator and the lifeless sideview mirror... IMG_1010.JPG
Wired the Tach through the busted vent. I scratched out some interior trim panels for the A-pillars and roof lines to create a more substantial interior.
The headliner has been ripped out, revealing the hideous foam beneath. The broken taillights have had the tape treatment.

I'm going to be hitting the last details, some grime washing and calling this thing finally done... By far the most time I've put into any kit ever. I'd be afraid to know the actual hour count... I'll be back for a finish post. Thanks for following along!

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