Foxbody Fever! 88GT and 90LX kit-bash build


Chassis is built and i think I like the way it sits for now. Needs paint and detail. I started work on the interior. It's missing a door panel, i'm slowly working that piece down to something that looks the part. I like the dash so far. I removed a couple vents and the stereo. I opened the glove box, figured the latch was broke on this heap. IMG_0591.JPGIMG_0594.JPG


Engine mostly assembled. Shorty Headers, putting a big carb on here, cause rednecks hate technology, so that EFI voodoowizardry is out. The undercarriage is nailed. Grimey, rusted, fully neglected. Also, in this persons genius, not upgrading the front brakes or to a 5 lug spindle, so those brake dust choked OEM fins are going up front, complete with hellacious toe wear on the tires.



Every time I get this thing out there's more stuff that I want to change. I've made a little progress. Going mad over the details, ya know... for fun!

First, the Establishing Shot...
Come! Peer into the inner workings of my rodent brain. I stopped wrenching on the engine, I need to get some Easy Off, or the like, for some chrome stripping on the valve covers and carb. This piece was built for mediocre track times, none of that show and shine garbage!

I reworked the Headlights into more of the Blacked out GTS Covers like I remember everybody and their Stepdad had back in the day. My window trim is a bit glossy, so I'll take that down with some weather and damage.

I deleted the cats with some solder that looked like the right diameter. Kept the mufflers cause my buddy works the smog test joint, but the cops will bust you for noise running open headers...

I reached a stopping point on the exterior for now. I want to get what I need to finish the powerplant before continuing. Plus, I need to stare at what I have for a few hours to see what I hate about it...

Cut To:
Initial Interior Mockup
Trying to figure my way into a woven look on the factory passenger seat, using some laid over texture while spraying. I have my colors picked that I will attempt to lay down for a cohesive scheme. Nevermind the mess of hues you see here. Found a Grant aftermarket steering wheel in my parts bin. Perfect accompaniment to this trash heap. I'm figuring out a way to make the center console the worst. I will attempt to scratch out a B&M ratchet shifter for this AOD that's about to be all neutrals at the drag strip. It's getting a cage and a racing seat, because surprisingly and against God's will, this is a 12 second car. Fool might even crack high 11's...


I got some color sprayed on the interior. While waiting for the paint to dry, it hit me...

Of course this pile should be powered by a Chevy engine! It's the only way to make sure this is an absolute motorsports abomination. I have quite a few fairly complete gluebomb drivelines in my parts stash. I found the perfect 350/350 combo, going to swap the carb and put some detail in it and we'll be rippin runs in no time!

I also found some stuff to simulate a torn out headliner, thinking of scratching out some interior panels. Every time I pick this thing up more and more gets added the list.

Wish me luck, Gang...


The level of detail I am going for has got this project slowed to a crawl...
I found some ribbon for the seatbelts. and I scratched out a Ratchet Shifter from some flat and square stock. I pulled a link off a small ball chain, like for the pen at the bank, and a strand of cooper wire to seal deal on what I could capture with mine own hands...IMG_0816.JPGIMG_0825.jpgthis was the first draft...
I'm eyeballing everything I build, cuz I'm lazy and it works for now. I did get some tools to make straight lines, and It's helped my work tremendously. LOL Pretty decent for the fact that you could lose this thing in your EAR!


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I went ahead and scratched out some tanks for nitrous, as that will be the only way this heap will defy its neglect.

Here's where I started. I don't know what these two "tanks" are from, but I've had 'em for a long, long time. I scratched out the rest to make a decent looking NOS setup. I need to play with the delivery lines.


Quick mock up after laying some carpet in. I found some flocking in a michaels that looked like the apocalypse had taken place. Probably paid too much but I made 7 circles around those ruins not to walk out of there with something to simulate carpeting... A lot needs tweaking, but I have worked through whatever was blocking me. I kept away from building for the last couple weeks, because I knew the shifter and nitrous tanks needed to be scratched. I almost buckled and bought them from a 3D printer, but DANG am I glad I just wallowed in my creative block until it broke like a fever, enjoy!


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" I found some flocking in a michaels that looked like the apocalypse had taken place. Probably paid too much but I made 7 circles around those ruins not to walk out of there with something to simulate carpeting... "

so what is that ?


Couldn't resist a mock up session. I am planning all the rest of it out. Good stuff, some payoff is happening. I am going to bust out the brushes and add some distinguished touches before I call this interior done. IMG_0839.JPGIMG_0834.JPGIMG_0835.JPG

And I got a mail call today from Spotlight Hobbies. Super nice people and great service. The site as I understand is going through some improvements, but legit little setup. I am always skeptical of shopping online, so I felt I should at least say they are doing honest business. IMG_0836.JPG


Busted out some brushes today. . .

The Dash and center console are finished. Mucked up something fierce, with all the "finer" details I could muster. Got some new brushes, and I feel a lot better about my result, but I have work to do yet.

Nitrous installed, cage is welded in. I need to rework the driver door panel for clearance. Seats and seatbelts are after that.
got a few more details to add in, but I got a lot crossed off the list today.

The heater core has ruptured at least once into the floorboard. It needs some mud dry-brushed in, but I got antifreeze, grease and oil covered well.
Stolen Stereo...
Quick Mock Up

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