Darph Bobo's Contest Build-O-Rama


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Darph Bobo's Contest Build-O-Rama

Kit manufacturer: Stargazer Models

Scale: 1:288

model was modified to include lighting systems for the atmospheric engines, the gravity ring and the fusion bulb.
Rubber molds were made of the engine exhausts and the fusion bulb. from there opaque details were removed and then recast in the parts in clear resin.
The shuttles were modified to be more screen accurate. One shuttle was modified and then a duplicate was cast. Afterwards the shuttle garages on the ship were modified to better fit the new shape of the shuttles.
The bow antennas were made from stiff wire, the prongs were bent and soldered in place.
The solar panels are bare metal foil on .10 styrene whith the kit decals applied overtop. They were then overcoated in clear blue and future.
This model was originally based on the TV version of Serenity, however I have added some details and shapes from the movie version, specifically, the area behind the bridge was retooled using Aves and various photoetch details.
The base is an Ikea frame and the tally plate is from Qmx. It was distressed and mounted in place with three screws. The missing screw is to simulate a corroded corner of the tally plate.

Final Images

SMA Big Spring Contest Serenity video

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