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May 7, 2009
Forgive this bit of blogisphere raving, but it is model building related, sort of.
I am going to get a chess clock. You know the type you click when it is the opponents turn and his time is recorded. I would have Build Time and "other" on mine. Then I could see how much time I spend sitting on the bench putting pieces together and how much time I spend under the bench! looking for ridiculously tiny pieces that somehow end up there.
I have a roll of masking tape under the bench, I flip it around, sticky side down on the roll and merrily roll it around in the hopes I pick the errant piece. (Usually there is no merry making while I do it, only if I find it. . .)
Surprisingly, I usually do find it quite quickly.
But today, there is no joy.
First the PE antenna on my Destroyer was giving me fits. It would not cooperate no matter the amount of sweet words I whispered to it. I am sure you are aware of the law that states CA will only instantly bind fingers and never the parts intended. Then said part will flip away leaving the tweezers firmly glued together and attached to your fingers.

The results of my search.
And there is no part I need on the tape.
Build time this morning: 10 minutes
Looking time: 20 minutes.
Next step: go cut the grass. . .
Haha, I know what you mean. Even the biggest parts will get lost forever, once they reach your space under your table. I constantly drop things and many got lost already. :(
Hey we can all so relate to this! Just wait to you have a 64 square metre workshop full of equipment. wood, steel etc and you are polishing a small brass part and it goes "ping!!" into the distance. These days I just start making another one.................. :D
Usually after I finish scratching a replacement I step on the "missing" one! :D
It's also quite funny, that sometimes I can see, in which direction it actually dropped down or flew to. Yet, if I search that area, it isn't there. Sometimes I find it in a corner, where I would have assured you, that it's absolutely impossible, that it may have landed there. :D
HI all,
You need one of these (see pic). ;D
My better 1/2 competes with Robbie (rob for short) at championship competitive obedience and he is trained in scent. All I have to do is let him take the scent off the PE,styrene and my hands and let him do his thing. I suppose its one way of him earning his keep! :p


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This was a off topic rambling in some ones build log, I am reposting as it seems more appropriate here:

There is a undiscovered law of physics that small parts have the ability to time travel* and eXacto knifes will either cut your thumb or roll of the work surface and land point down in the top of your foot or the top of your thigh unless preventive measures are taken, it is simple workbench ballistics.

*years ago I read a article, I don't remember where exactly other than it was a model railroad related ( I remember something about springs in Walther HO railroad cars and Kadee couplers) or when that proposed a theory [that small parts have the ability to time travel The basis is when you are doing something delicate, especially if it is, either 1. hard to replace, 2. spring loaded, or 3 small that that part will slip and fly off into the aether, if it rebounds off your face in the process it will escape the gravitational pull of the "carpet" monster and even break through the time barrier! No matter how carefully you look for that part, NO matter how much light you use, You will not find that irreplaceable tiny part until you catch up to it in time. Then it will be in the most obvious place that you KNOW you looked at 12 times before, THAT is where it will be found, You just had to wait until WHEN it got there. (this is usually after you either made a new piece, when to town to buy a new piece or ordered a replacement piece

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