Bones Falke


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May 6, 2009
Working on this a few days now.


Thx Rob
I very very carefully went over the decals with a red paint to change the pink color. I just wanted a darker color, did not even need to match.

That looks sweet! The more I see this kit built up, the more I want it. Hope I get a job while these are still in production.

Dag Nabit K-dog! i've been avoiding Falke based threads since it hit the shelves till I get my greasy mitts on one myself (saving, lots of saving) Not been in a hundred yards of the Ma.k forums (getting withdrawl simptons now :'( ) and you go and post your fantastic build up.
All i've seen of it is the see through one and Kow Yokoyamas excellent build up. Note to self, read thread titels properly in future. Great work K-dog.

Thx guys!!

Well I got those new decals but again it ripped and just would not sit down very well(plus I hate decals). I think they just needed to be a bit thinner to conform better. If I do this scheme again I will use the decal as a mask and airbrush the thing. What I did do what hand paint the top of the skull and then lightly painted the decal alrdy in place to make it uniform. Not the best solution but it does look better. Later today I will hit with some future and then start to hit the panel lines with some grey washes.

Here is the pic.


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