Arii's old 1:100 scale Heavy Missile Carrier Regult battle pod from Macross


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Jun 12, 2015
I completed the old 1:100 Arii Heavy Missile Regult plamo last night. Proportions on the missile pods is a bit top-heavy. I used Wave's H-Eyes parts for lenses and Kotobukiya's MSG for the thrusters. I used Mr. Color 323 Light blue and 311 Gray for the white parts. The gray was a mixture of 32 Dark Gray and 72 Intermediate Blue. the decals were still usable after all these years. They were a bit yellowed, but I taped them to my window for several days to bleach them. They went on fairly well. I have a pre-order for the 1:72 Hasegawa version of this kit, which will be released after the first of September.

The proportions on the Regult itself seem fine, but Arii made the missile pods a bit too tall. It makes the model look a bit awkward. Also, there is no ball socket articulation with the cannons. They must be glued into place.
IMG_0347.JPG IMG_0346.JPG
I took better photos of the completed kit at last and added them to my Tumblr feed.

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