Any tricks appreciated



Hey guys, just to let you know that there are no tricks or DYI that are not worth mentionning. Come on lets put our thinking caps on
Hey , as a lot of you know most aircraft kits do not come with any decent seatbelts/harnesses.

this site shows you how to make them out
of Tamiya tape and simple fuse wire. I used this technique on my F-84 and it turned out pretty good IMO.

A few hours later. . .
and having my memory jogged by Ilarmu. . .
Some models come with decals of the seat and shoulder harness.
When you put them on the look like, well, decals.
What you gots ta did is find some cheap lead foil.
My daughter in law drinks champagne. . .so
Burnish it down and lightly sand it with 500 grit
Then apply the decals as you normally would
Allow to dry over night. Then cut them out and apply with super glue
Running a fine brush with a color of paint close to the decal color will hide any metal
looking edges and a final coat of flat will make the belts look like after market
bigbucks additions.
Hey cool. Great tips. I will actually try one of those tips on my spaceship. Why not add seatbelts there, as well? 8)
Cool Like that! If you know someone with a jewellers set of rollers you can take the same champagne wrap, smooth it out, place silk cloth on both sides of it and put the assemblage through the rollers. Take the silk away and you will find a cloth imprint on the metal surface. Can so the same with plant leaves etc etc........... Cool trick.
dont drop your models on the carpet while painting them. especially if you have high blood pressure!

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