Acrylic Paint detensionizer!


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May 7, 2009
Surface tension! I hate it. Makes the acrylic wash just bead up.
You can add some dish washing liquid to it but why run the risk of the wife seeing you and then making you do the dishes?
Go to the dollar store and buy some bubbles!
Give some away to the kids but keep a bottle for yourself on the bench, no more tension! and if things get real bad, you can always just make bubbles!
I use that Promodellers weathering wash by Phil Flory. It's obviously got some glycerin in it by the smell but, it's also ceramic based.

As long as your paint work has cured for 24 hrs..this stuff goes on and wipes off like a dream acrylic or enamel.
LOL yeah my wife saw my bottle of future and asked, "what's that for? I know your not waxing any floors!"

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