1:72 Argo Nauts Y-Wing sofubi garage kit build


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Jun 12, 2015
A few years ago, I built the resin TIE Interceptor garage kit by Argo Nauts.
Here is my newest model aquisition: the sofubi Y-Wing by Argo Nauts.

Y-wing sofubi.jpg

My friend from America came to visit Japan for a couple of weeks, and we spent a weekend together at the start of Golden Week. We scoured the various Book Off, Hard Off, Hobby Off, Surugaya, and Mandai Shoten locations in Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures. I bought a Y-Wing sofubi kit by Argo Nauts at a Book Off Plus in Maebashi. It is mostly vinyl, but also has brass, pewter, and resin parts. Here is a quick dry fit of what it looks like so far. I didn't tape the pieces together or anything, but just quickly assembled it for this picture. I have not yet begun to bend copper wires to put on the ship for its piping. The kit does not come with any decals, so I gave it my own, unique paint scheme. The main body is vinyl, the tail ends of the nacelles are resin, the nacelle beams are brass, and the guns and landing gears are pewter (I think).

I painted the vinyl parts with V-Color paints, which are made specifically for painting sofubi kits and toys. I first mixed Light Gray in with Black to make my own German Gray color which I used as an undercoat. I splotched Mr. Masking Neo in areas with a sponge for paint chipping, then went over it with Light Gray. I used Blue and Pastel Blue for the trim, and Orange Yellow to have one panel be a replacement. For the non-sofubi parts, I used Mr. Color 325 (JASDF Gray, IIRC) which is a good match for the V-Color Light Gray. Since it is a sofubi kit, I will have to use an acrylic wash rather than enamel because enamel paints and thinners react badly to vinyl.

EDIT: I just realized that I had hastily attached the nacelles upside-down. I just threw this quickly together to take a photo before I left for work this morning.

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