1/5 Narusegawa Naru (beach scene)


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Jun 16, 2009
A slightly larger scale character from the series "Love Hina" originally produced by Musashiya some years ago. I decided to give her a "tropical" feel and place her on a make-shift shack overlooking the beach.

The shack was put together using bamboo pieces for the frame, held together with raffia and super-glue. Coconut bark made for the sides and roof. I pierced holes intermittently and tied them down with raffia strips.

The base was made from Plaster of Paris and covered with fine powder to resemble sand -like yellow snow, be careful of yellow sand! :D

Naru's mat is actually papyrus paper that was purchased at an art store.

A remnant piece of see-through material from is used as drapery.

The pillow was sewn together and placed beneath her bottom only because the kit was not cast correctly and the figure balanced on the right hand and the right knee. (i.e. her bottom was off the ground)

Some Re-Ment miniatures round out the drinks and food.

Link to same photos below:

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Re: 1/5 Narusegawa Naru

That's truly tropical feeling. I am not sure about her face. I don't like it too much, but her body... wow. ;D Great job on her, though. Nice painting as usually.

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