Trumpeter H34 1/48 Scale, reissue.

Steve Ski

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Oct 9, 2012
I haven't built a helo in almost 34 years, so when a close friend asked me to build this for his dad, a Nam Vet, USMC, for the upcoming Marine Corps anniversary in November, I said, "Youbetcha!". He's got a shadow box with all the trimmings for the presentation and this H34 will top it off.

After watching a few vids on aircraft weathering I figured it was time to give it a whirl. I used Mig's acrylics for the entire build and Raw Umber oils for the pin wash. I printed the HMM-263 unit designation on decal paper, first time for that, and did some minor highlights with Titanium White oils feathered in very lightly on panel sections.

This was the quickest build I've ever done (3 weeks) and I wasn't shooting for complete accuracy, just get er done. This was a fun build and it got me into the model bunker months ahead of schedule, yehaaa!

All comments welcome. Cheers, Ski.

Nice !
Great color .
My father flew air/sea rescue , USAF in the 50's , primarily in the Grumman Albatross but he said he flew in the old H-19 a few times and hated it . They scared the crap out of him :D - he was going to refuse to get in if they tried putting him into one again, lol .

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