1/350 North Carolina


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May 25, 2009
This is the Trumpeter North Carolina I have been working on now for about 5 months
I painted her in her late war Measure 22 camo because I just don't have the patience for the splinter/dazzle schemes
Lion Roar Photo-etch set used along with Yankee Modelworks resin turret upgrade set
I'll get her finished one of these days....or she'll put me in the nuthouse! :) (whichever comes first!!)


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Great detail, looks very nice.

Best luck for getting it finished.

Chas ;)
She looks rather nice!
I would like to do one of those bigger 1/350 ships but the cost. . .
I am looking in on my USS Buchanan today as, luckily for me, it is raining.
I do look forward to seeing more of your build!
Thanks guys!! :)
I might get her done this year hopefully....I can only work on her for like an hour or 2 at a time before I start to lose my mind ;D
Mac I know what you mean by the cost of the 1/350 stuff...
Let's see North Carolina 100$....Photo Etch 80$...Turret set 40$... plus paint and supplies :eek:
It adds up real quick :p

I like it!

Can you show how much is kit, how much is the aftermarket turret, and then, have you modified any of the kit parts otherwise? Like the blast shield around the gun positions, for example-are those stock, or have you detailed them? Everything looks very clean and very good in scale.
Well the update on this is she's gone to model heaven :-[
When I was in my shop I had her on the bench and my shirt accidentally caught the bow and sent her crashing to the floor :mad:
Not much left to her so I just salvaged what I could and scrapped the rest :-\
But I do have a brand new North Carolina and another Lion Roar set waiting to go!!
So hopefully when I get around to doing her again I will have learned from my building mistakes on this one
Oh..........and tuck my shirt in when I am in the shop!! :p
Oh man :( Ships going boom on the floor is NOT a good thing. Those little part will scatter to the high winds.

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