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  1. DreamKnight

    They SHOULD be ok. I sent two people to that store using my code for 40% off of their order and they were sent out just fine. One guy had a problem with his stuff getting stolen and they helped him get everything resolved and sent him his order again. BTW, my code is CONSORTIUM if anyone wants...
  2. DreamKnight

    Master DK is back!!

    Hehe thanks bud!
  3. DreamKnight

    Master DK is back!!

    Hope you guys enjoy: Zen Wargaming: How to Paint a Space Marine
  4. DreamKnight

    Congrats to Scott Girvan

    GRATS DUDE!!!!
  5. DreamKnight

    Memoirs of Adepticon 2012

    Here's my video on Adepticon 2012 last week. It was awesome and fun! :) Memoirs of Adepticon 2012
  6. DreamKnight

    Brand new Iwata Smart Jet already broken!!!!

    What shuttleace said, get a better hose for $10 or something. In fact, just purchase a nice braided badger hose. Chung
  7. DreamKnight

    Brand new Iwata Smart Jet already broken!!!!

    Nice, glad you figured it out. It sounded like a blockage from one of the washers at the connection. Chung
  8. DreamKnight

    Brushes, Brushes And A Lot More Brushes

    Sable is the way to go. I've come to be stuck on using Winsor and Newton Series 7 (regular and miniature) brushes now. I only use the cheaper brushes for the more junk work but the Series 7 never let me down. It's a bit expensive though but has been worth it to me over the years. You can buy...
  9. DreamKnight

    Brand new Iwata Smart Jet already broken!!!!

    Re: Beyond frustrated with my Airbrush/compressor!!!!!! Since I've gotten my smartjet about a year ago I never had a problem with it. With this new thing now you got going on, maybe it's the hose? Are you using the hose that came with it? Did you have to use the badger adaptor? Check if it's...
  10. DreamKnight

    Tamiya 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat

    Great work so far! I love this kit when I first picked it up for another group build. Looks like you're having some fun with it! :) Chung
  11. DreamKnight

    Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair 1/48

    It's coming soon. :) Started filming the next step already. Thanks for the backup Quaralane! :)
  12. DreamKnight


    We're rebooting all the Group Builds if you haven't noticed already and this GB is officially closed to do inactivity. Thanks for those that did partake in it though! But there's going to be much better group builds going on right now that has hosts that will have more time to be able to keep...
  13. DreamKnight

    [WoMW] Entries and Group Build Questions

    Just to list those that finished their entries. Some people I have no clue if they finished and did not answer when asked so I won't count em. Carsenault amateurmodeler JMac Steve_L ozzy59he You know what, there's only 5 peeps anyways so I'll just pop you all a $20 gift cert to...
  14. DreamKnight

    [WoMW] Entries and Group Build Questions

    Originally, I put up three gift cert in a random draw for peeps that completed their entries. :) Just a little reward for actually finishing their entry. :) I'mma gonna do a vid on it in a day or so! :) Keep watch.
  15. DreamKnight

    Voting ???

    Umm, well as Scott said, he's adding the entries now. Don't vote until Scott says he's good to go. It just won't count and all you're doing is adding to the confusion while we test stuff. Scott, you should change the voting link or disable it until we're ready. Chung
  16. DreamKnight

    Voting ???

    Just about done. I have a vegas business trip this weekend and will be back on Tuesday so I should be able to finish up some fine tuning on Wednesday. Stand by...
  17. DreamKnight

    [WIP] Revell 1/48 A-37 Dragonfly

    Have ya completed this build Ferris? :)
  18. DreamKnight

    F110-GE-129 Engine (F-16CJ)

    Have you gotten this entry done?
  19. DreamKnight

    [WIP] Tamiya 1/35 M1025 humvee

    You ever get this done? :)
  20. DreamKnight

    [WIP] Tamiya T72 M1 Russian Tank 1:35

    Scott, did you finish this sucker?