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    FlakPanzer IV

    Hi all, This is my first AFV in 1/35 and 4th Model since returning to the hobby in 20 years. Also this is my first time 'basing' or building a little Dio. Please offer any advice or feedback. I know that as I look at the pictures I have found many little things I think I should of done...
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    Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312T F1 car from the biopic Rush, Hasegawa 1/20 kit

    engine looks good. I have always wanted to build and indy/f-1 car. Need to track one down, well one that is affordable :). I see alot of these going for big bucks.
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    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

    Sweet, I must of been real good this year because I got a second kit from my Secret Santa (well not so secret anymore ) :) Will turn out nice I am sure!
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    Ford Flatbed Truck

    Hey can you tell me which kit that is? I wanna get to go with another wrecker I just built.
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    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

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    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    New stuff! A few books for reference material and study. The Bismarck book is hopefully going to help when i finally pull the trigger on one of those giant 1/250 kits and do an epic build. My skills need work first. Still have only completed 3 kits since returning to the hobby. The World War...
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    1/72 Morser KARL 040/0041 Initial Version by Hobby Boss

    Ya I think they are available. But have not bought. The PE has me burnt out. I don't think it was such a great idea for me to do my first PE work on 1/72. Parts are sooooo tiny... I do have progress to share and should have pics up in a day or so.
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    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

    Got my secret Santa Gift today...
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    It's a...Falcon??

    What he said.
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    1-72 X-Wing Fighter by Bandai

    Well I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions. I have never owned or seen a Gundam or Bandai kit in my life. And When I hear snap-tite I think of my day's as a kid building the revell Snap-tite Kits. I will wait and pass judgement next week when those two kits and a couple of eduards get here...
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    1-72 X-Wing Fighter by Bandai

    I ordered these from HLJ and should be here soon. I guess I should of done some more research. Didn't realize these were snap together kits. Should of just forked out the extra cash for the Fine Mold ones I guess. Stickers sound like a bummer too. Guess I will wait and see when they get here...
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    I used to know a guy who did great You Tube vids....

    I hear ya Scott, I was in the same boat for about a year and know the troubles life can place on your build plans. Just wanted to let ya know I enjoy watching your work, and when you get the time to work on something and share I will bet here to watch ;D No rush my friend!
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    I used to know a guy who did great You Tube vids....

    When I first came back to Scale Modeling a couple years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of this crazy guy doing his own rendition of a Star Wars scene, and some how relating it to Scale Modelling. He had a kick ass forum I joined and loved watching his videos. Anyone know what happened to...
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    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

    My package is wrapped, and hopefully will be in the post tomorrow. Hope my secret santa recipient likes what i put together for 'em.