Very Fine Mesh


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May 7, 2009
A while back I was snooping around a hobby shop and found some very fine mesh for grills and intakes. But the PRICE! Man, I couldn't bring myself to paying that.
Then I discovered what is called a "permanent coffee filter" at WalMart. Very fine brass(?) mesh.
And only $4.00!
I have since seen these at other big box stores and even some of the specialty shops, but they cost more.
One filter could last quite a while.

This is the "basket" type. They also have the 'cone" type but you get less mesh for the same cost!
Awesome tip! I can't believe I never thought of that, and I work at a coffee factory!!!

Thanks Mac.
Oh they are made out of brass? Now that's cool. I've only seen some nylon / plastic nets before. Better have a look for them.
Thanks for the TIP... I always Flawn in the Kitchen dept. and look around... for stuff to use...

I missed that one !

Thanks again !
Great tip, I've been looking for fine mesh, too, for air intakes in 1/48, and you're suggestion has everything I like-so simple, it's elegant, and it's cheap.

BTW, it it brass, or actually gold? I've seen filter baskets made with gold mesh; gold is non-reactive and doesn't degrade or tarnish like brass or other copper alloys would, with long-term use.

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