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May 7, 2009
Just thought I'd share this with you guys here.
Not really a floaty thing but it is a about one.
My wife's uncle was on the Indy. He was a swimmer.
Not a really nice guy, but not a total jerk either, just liked to be alone on the lake and fish.



That's him, Henry McKlin Seaman First. The star denotes survivor of course.
Someday I am going to build a 1/350th of the Indianapolis. . .but right now resin is totally out of the question and there are no styrene kits in 350 of her.
Thanks for sharing that little bit of family history with us Mac.

It's always a very special feeling when you make a model about a relative.

Chas ;)
I'm sure most people on this forum have relatives who were exposed to war. I think there should be a topic for it so people can share it, especially if it relates to modelling. I just find this stuff so interesting.
Iv'e been working on an M-7 Preist to commemorate my grandfather but, I lost faith with it as I found it so hard to find referances for decaling Canadian markings. I do have some photos he gave me but they are vague and grainy. He's long gone now so I've blown my chance to call him for referance.

Anyways My regards to your family for their service.
Interesting topic here. When I need a spurt of inspiration for the next build, I like to go down to our local branch of The Royal Canadian Legion and yak it up with some vets. None left from WWI, but still a good number from WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Buy a round or 2, grab a notepad and just listen, it's amazing. They have a display case in there that is home to (last count, 5 weeks ago) 37 models, 18 of which were donated by myself. To get an idea this way then go home and build it is great, but after it is in the case I get a warm feeling watching a few of The Boys sitting, staring and pointing at it. Helps me keep reality in view as well.

Keep smilin' folks, it makes this world a nicer place.
Re: USS Indianapolis/ new build

I met a guy who was on the Indy and he suffers from survivor guilt. After he found out I do too he was a more open to talking about it. He will not talk to non-veterans at all. He asks that folks understand that this is a very touchy issue and to respect his feelings and privacy (which is why he is not named here).
Sometimes the best intentions can create problems for vets,so it's a good idea to tread lighly.

Ok, I'm starting a fire boat for my fictious FD. It will be more of a what if than an actual boat. Will post more later.
You do not talk to a vet, you listen. If they want to talk to you you will know.
Uncle Hank never mentioned his service until I introduced him to my dad, another WWII vet.
They just sat and talked for hours, then Uncle Hank got out his reunion books, his wife told me he NEVER did that before unless he was in Indianapolis with other survivors.
I know Doug Stanton, the guy that wrote In Harms Way. He collects stories of survivors and prints them in subsequent editions, with permission. One of Uncle Hanks may make it in the next.
Looking forward to your build Jake.

Great conversation here. My grandfather never talked about WWII much either. Some times as little kids we would insist for a story and always were told the story of how he also shot at a horse once.....I still don't know if that was true or something to appease us.

I can't image what He witnessed.
Great story line for a build Mac, hope you get the kit someday. Makes it that much more special. I have yet to post one I am doing in tribute to my Grandfather. It's just plain....enjoyable! As for the "listening" part, I know this. My uncle Jimmy must have been waiting years to just talk, poured it out at a family reunion. Amazing stories, Unbelievable things. At one point he began to cry, I patiently waited, taking his hand....he looked up and said I am sorry. I told him if he ever wanted me to listen again, don't ever apologize. I can only imagine what he had gone through. I wish I could take away any pain an regret any of them feel. His service, "Special" attached engineering unit, Landed in Normandy, taking it all the way to Germany. God Bless all of them, then and now! Thanks!

Now start's an awesome kit! ;D
Sound great. My Grandfather was Royal Navy. He joined the year after WWI 1919 and left the RN the year 1945. I've got his naval record but ad yet have not found and models of the ships he served on :(
Ian, your Grandfather had a long career, thanks for sharing as well! There has to be something you can convert, kit bash??? Any particular ship he was on?
Just thought I'd join in here with all this talk of grandfathers ..and ships !!
My grandfather served with the Royal Navy on the Ark Royal during ww2 ,His brother was on the HMS Hood ,but changed ship before it went to the north atlantic !! lucky fellow . My other grandfather was REME during the war and fought around Arnhem ,but Im still trying to get details on that ,there's not much to go by ! Then my father ...he was an armourer in the RAF ..Most of his time was spent on Hunters ,Venoms and the like ...Its all interesting stuff :)

Definitely some lineage there Chris! Then Hood! That was luck on his part. I only wish I had pried more stories out of my Grandfather before he passed, but some of the research is interesting as well. When I get around to posting a dio I have been working on tied into my Gramp, I have a link to a story printed in the local paper about him and his brothers. He was on of 7 brothers and 8 sisters. Six brothers fought in WWII, some d-day on some in the Pacific, the seventh wasn't old enough but went to Korea. ALL came home alive! I can never hear enough of the stories! ;)
It's always nice to hear about the stories from vets who served my dad was in the Canadian Navy I was in the army right now I am building the trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood my uncle was on her when she was sunk he was not one of the survivors I sometimes wonder when I hear that others new family on her who were transferd off before she sunk if maybe they new my uncle it would be cool to see.

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