Trade Fed Droid landing craft


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May 4, 2009
Working on the 2Fat guys kit here. Looked a little plain to me so i decided to open up the cargo ramp area. Ill be making some MTTs and Tanks for it. Jimi saw the pictures and asked me to remaster another foot piece for him. So i have done that as well. If he can cast it future releases of the kit will have an option for open ramp or closed.
Ok the first AAT tank is underway. It is TINY. May be a bit large for scale still but its close enough for me. I made it using small slivers of .010 styrene cut and filed to shape. The AAT is not castable its just too small. If you want them you will have to make your own. the MTT is much larger though so it will be with the new foot. I will be working on that once i get an AAT or 3 made.
I have also added the gun barrels and the wingtip guns. The teardrops supplied in the kit are good but must be thinned so they overhang the tip of the wing some. not hard and just a little shaving sorted that out.
Wow, that is so cool. Those small tanks look great and they totally give the drop ship a MASSIVE feel.
Cool! What do you use for magnification HWR? Fine, fine work and a bunch of very sharp tools eh? 8)
Those were all done with the naked eye. Magnifying tools mess with my hand eye coordination for some reason. And yes a sharp fresh exacto blade is recommended.
That does look very great indeed.

Magnifying tools mess with my hand eye coordination for some reason.
Oh yes. Same here. I bought one of those cheap (yet great) "third hand with magnifying glass" things. The bigger image is great, but it feels very awkward to work on something through the magnifying glass. Too bad.
Hi Thenightclerk. Welcome and thanks for registering! Be sure build lots, post lots and have lots of fun!
That is just a brilliant idea HWR.
Nicely done.
I was wondering what to do with my Trade Federation Landing craft.

You just provided the answer.
I love making small things, although i'l probably try to make the different ships as meshes and print them, but it will give that nice little model from 2FG some extra pzazz.
Seems you have been volunteered as 2FG's in house display builder :)
Jimi and Rob's table will be filled with your stuff at wonderfest:)
Actually Kitty Jimi will only have 3 models done by me. the landing craft is a personal project. But i am sending a remastered foot out to him tomorrow. So he may have a few kits with it available in time. This way others dont have to go through what i did to open it.
With the Naked Eyeball! Now that's good skills. For my work I have a beautiful set of prescription glasses with three sets of fold down lenses. Expensive but so nice to work with.
Cool little big ship! It looks like a lot of detailing is going into it.

Good job bro.

Chas ;)
:eek: that's some fine work HWR MKII. Must get myself one of those novelty cutting matts with the extra big grid lines on it ;)

Btw Sean,
if you think those tiny tanks cannot be cast, why not make 3D meshes that you can print on an objet.
Those little things are not too expensive to print, in fact they are so small that you would have to place them on a sprue (bar) in order for a 3D printer to print them and that sprue would probably cost more than the tanks :)
I think it probably is cheaper to print them than making molds and cast them.
Those tiny little things usualy are, the bridge from my rebel frigate drivestack is also cheaper to print in transparent plastic on an objet then casting it.

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