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May 10, 2009
OK, back from vacation, wondering about grabbing the 76th Fujimi eeny tiny tiger from the shelf. Too little/too late or should I endeavour to satisfy, eh folks?
I am sure no one will object at your choice for Tiger II ! just remember the Dio.. + a figure and a tree !

give it a Go !
Hokay. I can see this slipping but:


Foliage (nearly bought a tree today. Cheapest I could find was six quid. Aieee! I'll flipping make one)


Extras (I like the bike)

And something I found today, while looking for bits of brick wall inn the LHS (which from Italeri at least, appear to be made from gold or something, twenty quid for a town house, you having a giraffe or what, eh Mr I?)
This is from 1975 and the coolest bit - the floor - is lacking. So I will have to work and suffer, rest assured.

OK, I am going to endeavour to do this to time but if it all goes Pete Tong, I apologise in advance. Feet of clay :)

Not to pick nits, but well, to pick nits, I thought the grand Guru Girvan said HOMEMADE Tree?
If not, cool, because mine looks like a bunch of monkeys threw up. . . .
Mac said:
Not to pick nits, but well, to pick nits, I thought the grand Guru Girvan said HOMEMADE Tree?

Can I ask that you read my post through again, sir?
Mac said:
Oh you wrote stuff ;)I was just looking at the pictures. ::)

Second one down, then mister :) No worries, I'd be looking at it now but I've exhausted my 'skillz' for the evening with two sets of Eduard 'Chinese Water Torture' seat belts...
Really sorry - it's set up and ready for me to start work but what was meant to be an 'easy life' http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=194127) build has broken me. So help me I'll do the beast - should I still do it here? - but please accept my profuse apologies for the timing. And regrets that I own another four of what I'm told Canadian folks call 'bear' models...

Don' worry about it !

Scale Models are a Hobby at best !
it's not a Religion.....

Will see your progresses as they come ! I didn't mean to Rush you or anything....

What ever Teased your mind ! and got your attention ! its what is important !

Good luck and Happy Hollidays !
Thank you, and same best wishes to your good self! For that matter, ey Scott - HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I had to touch up the Nerd Herd shirt after it went inadvertently in the hot wash, but I had a nice brush to do it with so good practice :)

Progress - started this week:


That's a picture frame with a chunk of expanded poly on it. I shall erode this with lacquer solvent and or poly cement in places and plaster over it. There's some of the Airfix Command Post (circa 1975), a strange bit which is in fact the bike sidecar, a chunk of Kubelwagen and itself, the Tiger so far (which as an aero modeller, has a rather impressive interior OOB. Do they all do this?)

I need to trim the cobble floor around the edges, get some figures out and put something together that looks right. Then out with the plaster etc.

Feeling COMPLETELY out of my depth, but strangely enjoying this,

Cool work so far. Don't worry about the out of my depth stuff - that just means you're growing. Giv'r!
Very kind, both. Thankyou! Appreciated :)

OK, today I finally (after many months prevarication) got round to making a clamp for my jeweller's saw, (and a support frame for the 'cardboard box that random passing cats sleep in', but that is another story...)


This was good. It let me cut a ragged edge on the stone floor for the building, it also let me get overconfident and break my very first jeweller's saw blade. This is unsurprising - the blades are like hairs, you have to use a magnifying glass to see which way the teeth are, and I saw it as a mere rite of passage. Good. The bits will probably get used for something else, too.

I have a polystyrene cutter from a Japanese 1-dollar store in Singapore, nice to find a use for it!
Alas, it takes the one battery size I do not have in the house, so that can wait until tomorrow.

The little Fujimi King Tiger has a pretty impressive interior (of which more anon.) It does have a tiny engine which cannot physically be seen, as the vents are solid:

Being an idiot I decided to open these. I ground the plastic down to paper thickness using a power tool and then used Tamiya Extra-thin (I can't manage without it these days) to dissolve the resulting 'webs'. Alas, I was more of an idiot than even I thought and while I was taking great pains not to overdo the grinding on one of the 'inner' panels...the drill chuck took out the end of the corresponding 'outer'.
Rats. I rebuilt the resulting large hole using strip:


It was a complete nightmare in places, but it seems to have set inoffensively :)

Thanks for reading (and Happy Easter) - Patrick
Looking good. Don't sweat the grills, they look much better opened up and after it's painted your boo-boo won't be seen. Keep at it.

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