The Old One-Two (Xeku Eins)


Low-Frequency Sonic Disruptor
Jun 6, 2009
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This is a Bandai HGUC Xeku Eins. Built mostly out of the box, with custom weapons. Paint is Model Master enamels, with a wash of Tamiya acrylic for panel lines. Display base is a Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base, painted with Krylon Grey Primer, Model Master enamels, and Tamiya acrylics. The figures are Wave 1/144 Mobile Staff, painted with Model Master enamels and a wash of Tamiya acrylic. One of the figures was placed to appear as if the pilot is floating to his Mobile Suit in zero-g.

This was actually the most work I had put into a model for a long time. I was inspired to get it started by a group build on another forum, and then was inspired to finish the project when my wife and I solidified our plans to attend Wonderfest back in May. I entered this into the contest as a diorama, which was a big mistake, as the other diorama entries were simply awe-inspiring, my build just could not compete (in the words of Jim Rhodes in Iron Man, "Next time, baby..."). I'm still really happy with how this came out, and building it has inspired me to do even better on my future projects.
Oh wow, great one. I really like that base. Great job you did there. Especially with the paintjob.
Nice job. Having it in the hanger with the figures really adds alot to the model.

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