t34 hobbyboss.

Wow, that interieur looks great. But... is it visible after the model is finished? ???
That does look really great indeed. Looking forward to the outer hull paintjob. :D
Jumping crackers, that's cool! Is this out of the box? I have been debating doing a destroyed tank, but I have no idea where to begin. Would something like that be a good kit to do a destroyed tank with?
ok, finished little radiators on the side of the engine.

and then did the engine firewalls

and now im done with the interior.
Lookin good bobman331 ;D
I'm glad I didn't have to work on the real thing, there's not much room in there! ;)

well my mum took her digicam back so im kinda screwed pictured wise....but...i put it in a german green and yellow splinter scheme and im nor done because the gun mantlet is missing
Whew, it's not just me! Good to see another cluttered bench out there bobman. Gotta say though, that thing looks GOOD brother! Keep it up.
well i officialy cant find the gun mantlet, so its officialy pronounced MIA so im gonna put a crane of some sort on the top and make it a berge t34
really awesome looking interior. hope you can see after the model is completed. great work on such a small scale. keep it up

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