" Sundowners" VF-111

Continued wickednessly good building... ;D
Not sure my attention could last through those decal sessions.
Thanks guys :)

I'll be back in about six months when the decals are finished ;D Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast ;)

Thanks guys ,sorry for the late reply . I'll have an update in the next day or so ,got all the decals done ,but just need to get some pics done ::) ;D

Back soon .

She`s looking ab fab mucka.................those decals really do bring her to life!!, keep her lit bud ;D
Looking very indeed! Good to read and see that Academy are really improving their kits. Too bad my LHS won't be stocking up new Academy kits for a while.

Thanks a lot guys :)

Boots ,good to see you about these parts again ,dont be a stranger now ya hear ;)

Boxster ,Academy are bringing out some nice stuff now , Im waiting on the new 1/48 B25 arriving this week :) its actually the Acurate Miniatures kit with some new stuff :)

Still moving along ..slowly .. with the Spook .
All the decals are done except a few to add around the tail end ,a couple of detail parts to paint in too then its off for some Klear before a few washes etc ....





At least the pilot still gives it the thumbs up ... lol

Thanks for looking .

Wow that's a lot of stencils! They look plentiful on the sheet but man they have good coverage! And keep taking thumbs up as encouragement!!!
Looks fantastic Chris , how did you find the decals? The tail fin looks like it would have been challenging to get on properly.
Thanks guys :)

Rookie ,in all honesty the decals are some of the best I have worked with ,even the tail fin decals settled right in with a coat of Sol ..which they react well too , absolutely no issues with the decals at all contrary to what I had been told . Bottom line ,if anyone has problems with them ,it really is down to their own doing ;)

Thanks Geegad ,nearly missed yer there :)

Oh yeah..........now we`re talking 8), she does look terrific with all the logo`s attached.............can`t beat a good decaling session :p, and no...............i won`t be a stranger fella..................strange..yes ;D
Amazing, everything looks painted on, even all those stencils. Is the anti glare panel also a decal? In any case, an excellent job, can't wait to see it finished.
missed most your build work is a crazy docket filled place a the mo..but always watching this its in my bookmark

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