" Sundowners" VF-111

superb work buddy and you've answered my question about building before painting cheers
Thanks for the comments guys ,much appeciated :)

Got a little more done on the Spook .

Fitted the tail feathers and remaining tail end parts ...


Also fitted the intakes & deflectors ,plus a few smaller parts around the airframe ,then all the sanding was done ,not much needed tho .


Most of the loadout made up too :) just a few bombs and the pylons to finish .


Hoping to get into the spraybooth tomorrow or Saturday :)

Thanks for looking .

Looking very very nice!
(& you've pretty much made up my mind as to what i'm building next :) )
Thanks Adam ;)

billb ...you wont regret it ,really is a nice kit ;)

Hoping to get some paint threw on this one over the weekend :)

Man I wish I had that kind of skills. the pilots look great, and the cockpit is nice also. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Evening Gents :)

Started slapping paint on a day or two ago . All paints are Humbrol Enamels .Started with a black pre shade ,followed by all the flat white areas including the underside , Then Gull Grey topside . I still need to paint in the bare metal panels on the rear and a few detail parts ,then its onto the Decal slog !!





Thanks for looking .

Thanks Jason . It will look better once the 200+ decals go on ;D ;D

Chris S said:
Thanks Jason . It will look better once the 200+ decals go on ;D ;D


Awesome as usual. 200+ decals crikey mate I think it would give me a head ache with my skill set
Thank you Jim :)

Decals going on :) ...Still a looooong ways to go :O :O


Thanks again Jim ;) ,it will be a few days before the next update ,once I get all the decaling done !! ,there is actually 554 decals on the sheet ;D ;D some of them are for the armerment tho .

554 little decals to put upon the plane
554 little decals to put upon the plane
and when 1 little decal gets put upon the plane
there'll be 553 little decals to put upon the plane...

Looking very nice :)

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