" Sundowners" VF-111

Hi guys :)

Little more done today .

I have added the intakes ,engine tubes ,wing tips and the front lower section of the fuselage . I left the nozzles of the tubes for now to make painting easier ,Academy have done a nice job here making it easy to slip the nozzles in much later :)
The fit of the intakes is a bit vague ! ,They do sit in place nicely ,but I recommend putting the Fuselage in place while the glue is still soft so the intakes can be manouvered slightly if needed ,Overall tho it is quite a good fit .


Again ,when fitting the lower front nose section ,its advisable to tape the Fuselage in position ,then glue the lower section to the wings and tape it to the upper fuselage to hold it in position while the glue dries . I think I may need a little filler along the join with the wing ,but I'll see later on .


With the fuselage set in place you can see everything fits as it should ,notice the wing root ,its a nice tight fit and shouldnt require any filler at all :)


Same with the other side ......



All for now :)

Thanks for looking.

Wow! It's coming together so cleanly! Have you joined the Phantom Group Build @ ARC? There are a few others working on this kit as well...
Thanks nicholassagan , dont even know what ARC is ? sorry .

Aircraft Resource Center. It's a forum much like this,but much,much more traffic. Nice so far Chris... You don't build slow do ya?! :)
Sorry about the late reply on this one chaps , I had to get my sprayboooth put back together after moving house ,which is now done ;D ,so I can get to splash some paint tomorrow ....update very soon ;D

Hi chaps :)

Well finally got playing with the AB and brushes ,so I got the cockpit all done and ready for fitting :) I havent added any belts to the seats or added any extra detail to the cockpit because I am putting the pilots in and they pretty much cover most of it up .






I will be cracking on with this one this week now that the cockpit is done .

Thanks for looking.

Nice tub Chris!!!! I took the plunge on this kit (couldn't resist @$40!!!). Definitely taking notes on your build...
Thanks Nicholassagan ,its a nice kit ,well worth adding to the collection .I really cant fault it so far and with the extra parts for different variants :)

Lovely work in the office!
You're using the kit decals? I hope they go down well because if they do it's a very good looking scheme :)
Thanks guys :) Billb I will be using the kit decals ,but they are Cartograph so Im not expecting too many problems ;)

Hi chaps :)

Nearly finished with the office now ,The pilots need to be fitted before fixing the cockpit to the fuselage as they're a little large to get through the top .Also ,the pilots are a little bit too tall for the seats ,I found that I had to shave some plastic of their Bottoms and underside of the legs ,as well as a little of the feet ,but thats easy done and not noticable once fitted in the seats :)
The intakes have been fitted too ,still need a little work ,just a small amount of filler in one or two spots ,but not really a bad fit overall .


The back end of the fuselage comes together very nicely ,and the fit of parts is perfect .


Nose cone fitted too ,Not sure if it needs any nose weight as the main wheels sit quite far back , I filled up the cone anyway just to be sure ,


Thanks for looking .

sure is shaping up nicely!! good call on the weight...you just never know once those loadouts get added!
Spectacular! Bwtween watching this build and working on the Longbow I'vw got the itch to build another modern jet! Can't wait to see more progress.
Thank you very much gents :) Hoping to have it ready for paint by the start of the week ;D


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