Subaru Impreza 2005 WRC in progress


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May 27, 2009
Whewww..this one's a doozy! Love this car.


I do all my spraying with tamiya spray cans untill I can afford a nice airbrush and compressor. For smaller parts I hand paint. I prefer Imex brand brushes, they have a nice thick contoured handle and Testors enamels primarily because they are really cheap at my local craft store...ha..I mean less expensive..
a little progress

So I got a little more done on the cockpit some more sanding and some painting of some teeny tiny parts.
This body by the way was in terrible shape when I first got the kit about a month and a half ago. While I was scribing the panel lines my unsteady hand kept causeing me to scratch the poop out of the body so I've spent the last month basically just carefully puttying and sanding it to get it back into presentable condition. Scott mentioned on a video long ago that they should call this hobby sanding instead of modeling. This is very true. If you dont get some strange enjoyment out of sanding then this is not the hobby for you my friend haha. :p

My photography skills are not to great right now niether is my camera so bare with me...



Oh yes, I hate sanding for some odd reason. Well, actually I like it, but only for some seconds. Then it gets too tedious and dirty. They should really invent something, which makes sanding obsolete. I think it'd be the most bought scale modeling invention.

Regarding your Subaru: Still looks great. I am looking forward to the decals and stuff. Oh and btw, there was some japanese guy actually building a Subaru WRC thingie. Maybe you can get some help or tips out of the videos!

Part 1:
Part 2:
thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I have watched all of these videos numerous times. they are the coolest.
Too bad that it's a bit blurry, but I guess it looks really great in real life. Will you add dirt to the model as well?
A clean impreza hasent won a race. A dirty one left the competition in the dust. Muck it up i say!
No progress....

I have nothing to show but i just wanted to say that it sucks when you feel the urge to model and you cant because you are moving into a new house wich is my current situation. BLARGH! :-[
just a little progress i have been super busy moving and getting situated in my new house. It has been quite frustrating but things are getting back to normal...