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Dec 17, 2022
In the world of firearm collecting there are what's called Safe Queens. This is a rifle or handgun, coveted, admired but RARELY if ever taken to the range.
Do you have in your stash a queen? A model that you almost enjoy having the kit more than the thought of building it?
Mine right now would be a new in the wrapper original BSG Colonial Viper from 1978.
I have two that are in a close race, both Bandai kits

The first one is this. It is going for crazy prices these days (like several hundred dollars expensive), but was fairly inexpensive for it's size back when it first came out. It's 1/1000 scale but is still nearly 29" long

My second would be the 1/72 Zvezda Pirates of The Carribean Black Pearl

They briefly had the license for it, but lost it, or possibly, they never fully acquired it in the first place before they started producing kits. At any rate, it was quickly retooled slightly (as in a different sprue for the figurehead and some lanterns) and repacked as a generic 1/72 pirate ship and distributed by Revell

These are seeing ridiculous prices as well but used to be easier/cheaper to get

Hard to say. My entire stash could be considered stash queens.
When I got back into the hobby (around 30 years ago!) I started buying kits and fully intended to build every one of them. And I enjoyed thinking about each kit, and anticipating how much fun it would be. But I've since realized I'll never build them all, and don't have the space to display them all, if I did. I may start selling off most of it.

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