Starship Troopers "Rodger Young" (1:6875 Minimodelmadness)


May 6, 2009
I once bought this very tiny (3.2") yet neat kit from It consisted of only 4 or 5 parts. Building it, was not an easy task, though. It's a recast of some older kit and quite a lot of flash had to be removed. There were also quite some bubbles in this tiny kit, which were hard to fill and sand. In the end I kinda gave up and hope that no one will notice after a coat of paint. The com tower was actually missing as well, so I had to scratchbuild one myself. I also scratchbuilt a base for it to stand on.

Dude I see no bubbles only a top notch painted kit with a scratchbuilt base worthy of a scifi film set. 8)
Oh if only the original edition of Heinlein's Book would be re-issued!
But the model is cool.
Love the base too!
Great work elend, that base sets it of a treat.

Ya know starship troopers is probably the only Robert Hienline book i've not read. I keep meaning to get hold of the latest SST film as its ment to not be pants. Now i'm trying to remember who did the bigger version of this ship.


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