Star Wars Imperial Dockyard.

The Chaos

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I have decided to build an Imperial shipyard station as from various Star Wars games like Empire at War. Here Is it autonomous space stations, the docking stations have repair facilities and shipyards on their arms. The current status, with my Star Destroyer for clarification. Also already tentatively times Docked.


The Chaos

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Details added and the Star Destroyer is ever docked. Free Floating works before, unfortunately, is still somewhat skewed and tilted slightly forward.



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Awesome :eek:

Those last shots of the Star Destroyer 'floating' there next to the dock are choice 8)


or Jonathan if you prefer
I'm really loving this. I love the detail and how industrial the whole thing looks.

I may have to do something similar since I have a few Bandai ISDs.

Dark Kyp

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this is really a good job :eek:

I love the fact of using Star Wars parts to create a star wars other thing ;D

Jason Abbadon

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VERY cool that you've got so many SW parts in there-
Might I recommend adding some (1:18th) lightsaber handles to the top section?
I've got a few among the antennas on my Dreadnought build and, aside from being a fun gag) they look "right". Like the various towers we see in SW cities.

Also, has a free decal download for the Revel Venator kit that might look good here- lots of hull panels that could be combined to cover large ares with SW details.

Really liking this project- can't wait to see where you take this!

The Chaos

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Thanks Guys.

and @Jason
thanks for the infi wth the lightsaber handles, gread idee for my next project. 8)


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Wow, doing something like this gives me an excuse to get some of those small Bandai Star Destroyers

Awesome details