SR-71 Blackbird 1/48th Scale My "Redo" Project. 4th Complete build


May 20, 2009
Hello. As some of you know this is the Redo project I listed on the forums in late May. This was pretty hard(for me at least). It had taken some time to just sand and scrape the excess glue and then I tried my hand at molding(cockpit area). Alot of filler around the wings and torso of the plane. The decals were brittle, so I tried my best to keep them very wet and together. How do decals get that way? Too dry or too much sun or what? :-\ Also, any tips on how to replace a window? I am missing one piece for this model and its a window panel on the underbelly of plane(pic below). Besides that...I am satisfied with my 4th complete build. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks! :)








Missing window panel.
Wow cool.. Looks really nice. I like the finish of it. Oh and the red line is kinda cool? :D
Try Micro Kystal Kleer for the window panel it works pretty good.
Thanks for comments and tips. Now, I am half way done with the P-38M "Redo" project. You guys ROCK! ;D Keep building those great builds! 8)
Beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft. You have done a great job.

My only suggestion would be a little more weathering inside the landing gear bay.

Chas ;)
I have yet to master the weathering stuff(too scared I will ruin the model with my lack of experience,LoL) :D Give me some pointers on how to weather the landing gears? Some light spray(flat black)? Thanks for the comments. ;)
I think they are fine but, If it was my model This is what I would do,

I would take my airbrush, Get some of that black in my colour cup, add maybe 2 drops of white in there so it would look like a say NATO black.

I would pick out some of the panels at random maybe mask them and hit them with that different shade of black just to break it up a bit.

The wheel wells I would make sure they were sealed up with a semigloss sealer or future, and either use a wash product or mix some browny/black enamel with thinner.
We're talkin 75 thinner-25paint and give it a complete wash or just some touches. I'd dull up the tires a bit too.

Please! that is only what I would do, your'e model looks awesome! Weathering and touches are a matter of taste. Not all aircraft are the same, have been used in the same enviroment or have all their original parts. Youre attention to detail and care are evident in your SR-71, again nice save! Now I want to build one. ;)
Nice plane. She looks sharp. For that window you might also be able to just use a scrap piece of clear plastic from some packaging. Testors has a clear window glue that is supposed to be able to create a window like that. You run a semi heavy bead of glue around the perimiter of the window and then use something like a straight pin to "brush " the glue from one end of the window to the other so it forms a film over the hole. Think like when you blow bubbles the solution stretches across the hoop you blow through. I was able to get the glue to form the film but I felt it was kind of yellow looking not clear, and it sagged a little also. So I either don't have the skills yet or the product doesn't meet my expectations.
Cool Shark...I know Michaels down the street has that glue. I will get it tomorrow.

Thanks! ;)

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