My 1st RAF build in 40+ years - what color for wheelwells?


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May 16, 2024
Tamiya destructions incomplete! So I did an entire 10 minutes of research and found this...


If the picture right, for a Mk.Vb?
Feeling like a control freak, talk me down :)

I do not know why the two dimples are there by the gas-cap, I think that is a mfg defect? I was hoping the surfacer would remove the smaller seam in front of the gas-cap, but that is on me and my fear of getting sandpaper near to the surface detail.

Would you spend time to get that seam on the cowling out, what about the two longitudinal "ridges" (WTF?) on each wing (just inboard of the Hispanos) that the destructions say "remove"...HUH?


Edit to add: here's the actual instructions, we're told to "remove" those 4 large ridges. They are large and THICK, with small detail nearby. I looked around, and many youtubers ignored that, and I think I will too.
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If you haven't already, I'd look for as many photographic references for that mark of the Spitfire as I could find. If nothing else, I start with Squadron's "In Action" and "Walkaround" booklets. Then any hardcopy references. And then online images are next, though with the caution that pictures of restored warbirds are moderately valuable references, because you don't know what compromises or changes the restoring staff might have made. This probably doesn't help you immediately, but I can't tell whether those details are accurate, or if the instructions are. I'd have to look 'em up.
Maybe others here in the Herd have some good references to help, though.

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