Spoils of war


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Jun 2, 2023
Starting a new diorama featuring Soviet soldiers looting a destroyed German hotel. There will be three figures and a Miniart Soviet cargo truck which will have some furniture in the cargo bed. I will hand lay the cobble street and sidewalks using Juweela’s products and I will detail the interior of the building.



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I might add a few German POW’s walking down the street with a Russian soldier.
Great project!
Where do you get your windows? They look like laser-cut wood. I'm looking for a Palladian-style front door in 54mm for a vignette, and so far, haven't found one, or anything suitable. I can scratchbuild one, but if there's one available commercially, I'd consider it over scratchbuilding, in this case.
These windows came with the kit. Try RT Dioramas site. I have seen other sites selling laser cut like this one. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the tip! That's interesting that it's at HobbyLink Japan. I get my MaK goodies there, but I never saw references to Palladian items there. I will go and look.
AUGH! The window is discontinuted! But the manufacturer, Yen Models, has a lot of other nice architectural details, some molds for making things like tiles, etc. So it's worth it to note them, too. Thanks again for that reference!
At this point, I think I'll just scratch the door with sheet styrene stock. Otherwise, I'll never finish the project.
Apologies for asking this, if you've posted it, but I must have missed it: what are the exterior pieces, the stone walls, made of? Are they cast in a plaster-like material (like the material dentists used to make casts), are they resin, or something else? And who made them? The crispness of the detail is impressive!

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