Spitfire 1/32

Wow, your Spitfire turned out fantastic! Well done on painting those insignias as well. That really makes it look even better.
Cheers.. Yes, painting the insignias make a big difference (to my eyes at least), however, cannot do those too complex.
Started to paint the insignias, and I must say that I prefer painting, even if it takes time, to the decals (maybe because I am not good at decals)
I prefer the painted ones just because they look better, but you're a monster for trying the roundels! Concentric circles will show EVERY error.
Looks good. But we have a member over at Spamodeler who’s work is incredible. I mean, incredible because there are no words to describe his work. I’ve watched and followed all his 1/32 scale aircraft builds and each one is a pure masterpiece from the cockpit, engine, wheel wells, everything. You can only watch in awe.

He’s currently doing the Tamiya Spitfire Mk. XVIe Conversion.

He’s currently doing the Tamiya Spitfire Mk. XVIe Conversion.
That is pretty incredible, I'm subscribed there too.

I want to see these 1/32 Spits, do not care if Mark VIII IX or XIV! They are all on a sorta wish list, but I about met my match on the 1/32 Corsair. So I wanna see the nasty bits.

I'm trying to save my 1/48 Spit after an (long-story) event I need to write up in a different thread.

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