Sliabh na Mban (Michael Collins' ARR) 1/35 WIP


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Oct 13, 2020
Hey guys,

Not sure whether an armored car counted as armor or automobile, but here it is! Like I've said before, I'm good at building huge resin kits that require a lot of sanding and filling, but building this was torture for a hamfisted guy like me. I am really looking forward to starting the weathering tomorrow! Once it is done, I will publish a video on my YT channel with the painting and weathering parts, and this time I am going to sell it on ebay and donate the proceedings to the Irish Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel. Hope you like it!

Thank you, @wjbrandel ! I like the base a lot better myself, heheh. I think the base is quite good, but the car is only ok. And most importantly, the base was a lot of fun, whereas the building of the ARR was a pain.

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