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May 6, 2009
... I take it that at least some of us will have journeyed out of our mothers' houses for once, to partake in the viewing of the new Star Trek film?
If this be the case, what did thee think of this new talking picture?

I for one have seen all of the old Trek films and a couple episodes of all series and have come to the conclusion that this is perhaps the best thing that could have happened to the franchise. It's like a spring cleaning, if you will. Out with the old, in with the new.

(sorry for the middle-age thing)
I still don't like Star Trek. :-X And J.J. Abrams won't change anything about it. Dunno. I am more a Star Wars guy, I guess.
Economics. Pure and simple.
$8.50 to see a movie here. Runs a bit expensive for two, not to mention the robbery for a cola and corn.
Back in the day when my son worked at the theater and could get us in free, we saw more movies. Now we wait until it is out on DVD and rent them for a couple of bucks. Or until it makes it to the drive in and we can catch a double feature for $10 a carload.
My main problem with cinemas is, that it's anything but an experience these days. Even when I drive to Kinopolis Frankfurt - which is big - the sound is quite often very lousy. I can watch movies at home much louder. Also you have other people, which cough, sneeze or talk random crap. Especially when they are bored by the movie. The picture qualit isn't stellar as well. When I watched Silent Hill we had a vertical black line going through the whole picture. Especially great in the very bright opening scene. :mad:
That movie was AWESOME!!! my wife even loved it, and she makes fun of me or being a nerd.
well I'm not a trekkie, but I'm going with my wife, my brothers in law, sister in law and a friend on thursday. Can't wait
I have seen the movie and I enjoyed it. It is not "pure" Trek and that will tick off the die hard fans. I've heard of several who walked out on the film, and from their persepective I can understand where they're coming from. It deviated big time from what we know as Star Trek history. I'm a big fan of the series and movies and while some things did bother me, but I still enjoyed it for entertainment's sake.
I do have to say that I wasn't impressed with the "engine room", it looked more like the basement of an oil refinery. I enjoyed the action and little nods to the previous shows. What I didn't get out of it was what made Star Trek so good. Each of the series and the movies were thought provoking, touching on social issues and causing us to think, rather than shoot-em up space battles. That's what I loved about Trek. It's ablity to take social issues and put them in a different light. To make us think. This film was all action/adventure.
For entertainment value i'd give it a 9. For keeping with the scope and traditions of the original series, i'd give it a 3. But that's just me.
Oh, and our theater has great picture and sound. The film was a little scratchy but nothing big. I live a few miles from Riverside Iowa (future birthplace of James Kirk) and there was a big cheer when IOWA came up on the screen. Yea we're proud.
Seen it...seen it TWICE even.

I was never one of the trek timeline puritans, and I thought it was about time to update the old series and remove the context of the sixties...for at least another thirty years.
He was no Shatner, by any means...when you break it down...we were spared the running like a girl, and the prima donna show boat acting.

I haven't been a star trek fan since they tried to serve me that swill of a movie called, Generations.
But anyway..great movie.
I loved the movie, im a general scifi fan, and i don't care about canon wether Star Trek, Star Wars or Stargate.
It has been a straightjacket for startrek way too long, glad JJ. Abrams got rid of it.
There's enough of the old trek in it, with all the references etc.
If you are a rigid member of the startrek cultmovement you won't like it (and who cares, you are not the one JJ.Abrams aimed for anyway).
If you like a good movie with action, humor a decent story and acting no matter what the subject is, this is better than any of the previous trek movies with the exception of "The Wrath Of Kahn" (which can never be beaten, Ricardo Montalban was the best adversary the enterprise ever encountered).
I realy liked the movie and i just love that new ship, it just looks way better than any other enterprise.
More up to date and a little meaner.

Capt_Taggert said:
I live a few miles from Riverside Iowa (future birthplace of James Kirk) and there was a big cheer when IOWA came up on the screen. Yea we're proud.

mmmm, I hate to rain on your parade,
but James T. Kirk was not born in Iowa, not even on earth according to this movie :)
He was born on a shuttle , he only grew up in Iowa :)
Yea, they really turned things around in this movie. Good in some ways, not so good in others.
This made me laugh:


BTW: For those who don't know, The Onion is a satire news organisation.
I think that was funny.
How about LOST?
Hurley, in 1977, is writing "The Empire Strikes Back." for George Lucas!
Just saw it. Great fun. Have to go back to have another look at all the stuff happening in the background. Some gloriously daft bits in it but still great entertainment all the same. 8)
lol. the onion is amazig. im not really a scifi person myself,but i thought the movie was good. im more into war movies.

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