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Apr 24, 2009
I'm painting the white base coat on the Red 6 in Tamiya XF-2, flat white acrylic and I run out. ARGH! All I can find locally is either Vallejo Flat White or Polly S. Which is the best choice?
Thanks for your help.
Hey Scott...

Is the Vallejo one you found the "air" type one or not?if yes that one is veeeery good. If it's not the one made for airbrushing I suggest you to buy the polly scale one.

Hope this helps

Cheers mate
I suggest Polly S. It dries to a much harder finish. I have had Vallejo soften and lift on me during weahering even afer its dried for a week. Vallejo is too thin to me. Yes it dries opaque but it cant stand up as well as Polly S without getting some strong sealer coats.
So I went to the store and all they had in flat white acrylic was a line called TRUE LINE TRAINS - Stencil White. Gonna give that a try and I'll let y'all know how it....comes out - literally...from the airbrush.
Actually if you put Vallejo over a primer coat.....the color coat should never come off. Most problems with Vallejo chipping of being soft is because it was either brushed, or airbrushed over bare plastic.

As far as the Air line or Model line of Vallejo flat white, yes the Air line is good to go out of the bottle, but there is no reason the Model Color Flat white can't be airbrushed. Just have to thin it out....no different than any other model paint.

I sell exclusively Vallejo in my shop, and have personally used it going on 5 years now....and for my money, there isn't much out there that can touch it. Lifecolor a close second....but it is harder to get in North America, at least the individual bottles.
Even with primer I learned you have to be very careful with Vallejo. It easily chips prior to a clear coat.
Not sure how you are applying it, or how long you are letting it dry, but I have been using Vallejo for about 5 years and have yet to have it chip off on me.

I have even used lacquer based clear coats over it to no effect.

If it is applied properly over a primer, and allowed to dry properly....Vallejo acrylic is as hard and durable as any paint.

No problems putting enamel filter coats directly over Vallejo paint with no softening or chipped happening to the paint.

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