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May 7, 2009
Being a firm believer in "the journey" rather than the destination. . .
I guess it is a querk of mine, I like to mess up the wheels. I figure the rubber gets all chewed up and in cases thrown off so. . .This is the Tamiya Panther. (not the bad one, I have that one too.)
Work in progress as I read stuff that gets the juices flowing for a while.
I got an old VLS detail set and a set of Indie links from the LHS in the bargin bin and figured I'd give it a shot.
Brass screen inserted under

Looking at this again as practice for the King Tiger
Hey Mac, I also enjoy trying out different stuff on models rather than trying to finish them completely. The road wheels look convincing, even though I'm not really sure if the rubber would really get chewed up that much. The brass looks good too. Can't wait to see more progress!
Thanks! I'm not too sure either on the rubber, but once I get going ;D
Those three wheels minus the "rubber" will not be on the same side, If I remember to put them on that way!
I was figuring this Panther was getting pretty long in the tooth. . .
That looks quite great imho. And oddly enough you have to sometimes do unrealistic things, to make something look realistic! ;D
Cool. I think that sometime exaggerating something makes it work better too. Keep em coming!
OK, Now I am nervous about taking on the King Tiger build. I CAN'T DO THAT!
I am so sure you can!
It is not really difficult, just take your time and before you know it,
Bingo, Bango! TA DA!
Besides that what this build will be about, sharing techniques and learning together!
Oh man i want to see more of this. That is one battered panther. I really dont think they would let a road wheel run naked like that unless it was an actual steel rim wheel. Nice execution.
Ahhh, but as in life, there are no absolutes! ;)
They might not want to run it like that but artistic license allows me to model this 'snap shot' of a Panther that is battered and either on it's way to maintenance or just out of the battle.
Right now my truck has a nice dent in the passenger door thanks to my son.
I don't want to run it that way, but as it still runs and will do what I want it to do, I will keep it on the road and not in the shop.
Mainly this is a test bed model just to try stuff and see how it works/looks.
:-\ I have the indi (plastic) track links for the Panther. They do not snap in like the ones from Dragon, so they will take a bit more work to get in place. They do look so much better than the vinyl ones which do not fit. . .
I worked a bit on the turret. I would like to have the commanders hatch open so I painted the interior. For some reason, I went and made the emergency hatch in the turret work. I should say accidently, because the parts are tiny, and I spent more than a few minutes crawling around under the bench looking for pieces ::), and even though I glued it, it still works!
I have pre-shaded the hull, a technique I have never done before. I hope to have the turret pre-shaded later today and maybe a coat of yellow by tonight.
For grins, I put the spare figure together to see how he looked. He fits well in the drivers hatch, though he is designed to sit on the turret. If he does fit after I attach the turret, I will put him there instead of on the turret. He has camo pants and finger mittens so I am thinking this may be an Ardennes Panther.




Oh, the original Mule. . .

Tamiya's Panther A used it to practice with my new double action A/B
Mac nice work , dam all those track links!!!
I'm not the only one that suffers from the curse of the carpet monster eh! LOL.
Heavy sigh.
I took all the road wheels off for pre-shading and painting. Then realized I had to have them on for the tread runs to get the proper shape.
Man! There are a lot of links.
I have three runs, one over the drive sprocket. Looking good sort of. ;)
That Cat is looking fine brother! The damage to the wheels is excellent. I suppose rocks and other debris would have been caught up in the tracks and ground up by the wheels, nice job. Keep us posted on the progress. :eek:

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