My Panther






a Panther Tank by Tamiya I just finished last month. It was a fun build, I love to weather the snot outta them.

Cool to see th site up Scott! GJ! ;D
Welcome and thanks!
No kidding, that looks wicked. What a great paint job.
Like the others said, the weathering is really well done. I detect some great work on the chips and all the other little details, bigger photos would be highly appreciated. :)
Did you use any after market parts?
First, I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong spot.

This is straight out of the box, Mostly...I added the rusty square plate and the vent screens.

The chips were done with salt before spraying the winter camo.
Nicely done.

The weathering and the dented fenders are particularly noteworthy!
Yeah yeah yeah, I am late to the party as usual. ;D
I am putting this, (Panther G?) together myself in the Tanks part.
I hope mine looks 1/2 as good as yours.
I am thinking of going with the hairspray method for the winter camo on mine.
Again, really neat looking tank!
Very, very nice. I've been thinking of trying a winter camo job and this just may be the inspiration I needed. It looks like a tired soldier looking for a rest, great job on the weathering.
Nice work.

Panther A, late production.

Very nicely done.

Not sure if your going for historical authenticity, but all Panther A (late pro), had field applied zimmerit.

Other than that looks great!.

Cheers Damian
Great to know the facts. Even better to finish a build - and with such skill. I'll say it again, great job.

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