My first ...and last, diorama



I come back to this every 6 months or so, it wearing me out but, its almost done.

might finish it ummmm, next year? The shells are really bothering me.....I don't think they are the right calibre
but lately I can't be bothered to check it out lol.....I suck.




Looks good to me... although I am not sure about the guy off on the one side. He looks like he got frozen and then tipped over. But as you said, it isn't finished.

According to the references I have the shells for the short 7.5cm (the L/24 barrel) were about half the size of the 7.5cm shells for the long barrels. The shells you have appear to be for the long barrel as the others would be about half as long and didn't neck down like the ones you have. If you want I can send you copy of what I have so that you can see what I am talking about.

The diorama is representing the invasion of poland.

The beige guy is a polish officer and is being questioned by soldiers, the 2 dudes on the ground (LOL) they aren't finished yet, no worries as they will be completely erect when done.I was trying to depict a normal operations type scene that would be typical during the battle.

The shells I agree you are right, I'll try to fix it when I get back to it someday,right now I'm just really into aircraft.
I don't want to work on anything without the proper attitude as it reflects in the work.
Don't be ashamed, it looks great. You have good painting and weathering skills and the diorama looks great. Also good to see an appropriate amount of rubble.

Figures are nicely painted too.

Lots of action and things to look at make it an interesting dio. Well done.

I don't want you to think I am pushing... I just tend see comments like yours and to ask myself about it. Then have to look it up and to pass it along.

My feeling is that as long as you are happy with the diorama, model, etc. then all is well with the world. Paint it in Nascar colors (have seen it done with Panthers... actually looks pretty good) or pink... I will just enjoy the show.

However, I do like your muffler colors... you know it has been used but not to the extent that some people show. I don't think you should give up on dioramas, this one is looking good and when you get around to finishing it will be well worth the effort.

That does look really great. Please keep up the good work. Do not stop now. ;D
Looks good.
Not enough supervision for it to be an actual military operation though!
(That is a joke. :D)
The figures look good as well.
That ROCKS Ialarmu! Don't quit man. I know how you feel but keep in mind...completion, not perfection. You're doing great.
It looks like it's almost finished. Great job, a superb diorama! Get it done quick before moving on to the next project or it'll haunt you for the rest of your life! ;)
Man, I wish I suck as much as you do! ;D

Excellent job!

It is tough not to be your own worst critic, but we are behind you cheering you on!

I can't wait to see another update and more of your work.

I would also love to hear some of your tips and techniques so I can use them too!
Man down! That looks awesome, you should be proud of that beast! Finish her up and think how great you'll feel!
Well, thx for the encouragment group! I'll get at it's summer now and I have lots on the go.

(yeah, I was kidding).....I don't have time because I have another build to start next month. ;D
I think you're too hard on yourself, I think you've got a great little dio going there. Someone else mentioned your figures, and I will second it, that was actually what caught my eye first.

Since you say that it's a work in progress, may I offer one suggestion? If it's a scene from the invasion of Poland in '39, you might want to add the white crosses the Wehrmacht used then as their recognition markings (later replaced by the more familiar black and white Balkenkreuz). But I don't want to be a rivet Nazi, as appropriate to the dio subject as that might be ::)

I like your groundwork, too, and the way your building ruins have come out.

Yes, a very good work, good job!

WoW! I look at your diorama and just amazed how awesome it looks! Personally I would be satisfied with the build as it is and move on. You have talent! Great job!
Sometimes giving it a rest will do wonders for you!
As our own worse critic we always eye what we know is wrong right away, and to us it is glaring!
I hear you about the summer tasks at hand, but don't be discouraged and always do a bit at the bench as time allows.
You do alarm me

LOL! Yes keep going. You are off to a great start so make it a greaat finish. Yes you are correct about the ammo. It appears to be Panther ammo? It is a very nice piece and I for one will be alarmed if you do not post pics when your attitude allows to complete such a nice piece. C'mon brother!

Frank Blanton

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