Mr Girvan pick up the white courtesy phone. . . .


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May 7, 2009
Anyone heard from Scott?
I emailed him a week ago and no response. Just making sure he is doing okay.
Yeah the video is on the youtube site, I can't find a link on this site. He does say in the video that his job is really backed and they have a lot of work to do. I figure paying the bills has taken the wheel for a while!
He's abandoning us! Look, he's even selling his camera on ebay!

lol ;D
I must say, I am mighty frustrated about SMA right now, the videos don't turn up as quickly as i would like...i guess that shows i ama true fan of the show. ;)
There's a show!?!
I was not informed of this. . .
I feel totally unloved right now.
Bonjour, hello. Sorry for being such a turd. I"ve been swamped at work and I've been finishing insulating the loft so all the junk that was out of the hobby room is in the hobby room.

Mac, about the T's - sure I can do it via money order - send me what size you want.

Spencer - sorry man.

And as for the camera, now that I have this little Canon I don't need the big one - selling that to buy a drum kit.

I"ll try to get a video up in the next week.

Thanks for caring.
I had a son with one then he moved out ahhhh peace and quiet.
Then his little brother got a set. . . .
Cool Man about the T-s, Might be a bit, I gotta get some revenue in!
Glad your doing fine we get so worried!
Why has the video which was meant to be released 2 weeks ago not been uploaded?????????????????????????????????????
That's OK Scott. I know what that is like. I haven't with work, family and Scouting events I haven't touched a one of model WIPs in weeks. :p
Whatever stresses you are under, I'm praying that they will pass soon and you can get back to your hobbies.

Take care mate.
Hey ya Pup!
Belated Birthday Wishes.
You have to grow old
You do not have to grow up
Indeed. Thanks.

On a side note. I hope to get back to making vids in the next couple of weeks. As we approach Christmas things slow down a bit here. Sorry for not being able to get to it.
I hear you Scott.
I didn't realize my dream job would be so much work!
I love it, but it isn't goofing around all day like I thought.
Sometimes I have to WORK.

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