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May 12, 2009




these were all dont for a client, I dont know much about them other than they are war machine and thats the colors he wanted.......
Brutal. They look good. Did you add the grass yourself? I haven't seen a lot of that on the liitle figures and I like the way it looks. Much better than just a painted base. What glue did you use?
Cool. Great work. Also great to have you here Bootleg. I've seen your vids. You got skills man.
wow thought I'd slip in here and be much for that :) but no, thank you very much, feels good to be welcomed. and talking about having skills...... I think you have some to my friend, really like the death star, couldnt picture it at first and then saw it before primer and was like wow ok how didnt I see it before. I Personally cant wait to see it all done as me and my boy are starting to get into the rpg of star wars so it hits at the right time for me

and shark I used reg old elmers type glue on it. you cant see it from these pics but there is diff types of grass and bushes and even dirt and rocky areas on some of em. It is pretty easy and like you said no painted bases, it gives it more of a setting or something rather than boring ole paint. I am trying to make a static grass applicator right now so I can get the grass to stand up like the real stuff

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