one more????


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May 12, 2009




ya ya the last one is a bad pic I need to reshoot my stuff since I got a better camera now, if you guys want to see more I'll try to find some time to reshoot my stuff
Yeah would be cool to have sharper pictures. The tiny figures have an insane amount of detail on them and the painting is quite great, too. So it'd be a shame, if we only can imagine how great they look in real. ;)
ok guy will do..... but remember I work full time as a tattoo artist (as the owner so even more work there) then I paint figs and make terrain on the side and am makeing a gaming podcast... so needless to say time is short around here, but I will get to it promise, just not sure how soon
Don't stress - I hear ya. I'm thinking a stressed out tattoo artist could be a dangerous thing. ;)
If your as good with a tattoo needle as you are with a paint brush, you must have some happy clients!

I really like the shading you get. The gold work on the first pic is really cool - it really "pops" and is a very impressive scene.

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