More Terrain Features - Shawn Morris

Thanks. I actually have two projects involing tracks right now. One is very similar to the one shown here and one has a bunch of different project elements all rolled into one.
Whoa! 8)
Dam made my eyes bleed.
I'm sure I saw something move in the undergrowth! Excellent work.
Just a few of them? Crazy! You produce great terrain stuff in masses, whilst others work months on their tiny 20 x 20 diorama. Very well done. I especially like the last pictures with the village / city.
Yeah I have a bunch more projects I have done over the last year or so. I produce the terrain as the orders roll in and over the past little while it seems the orders have been fast and furious. That city has a sad story attached to it, lets just say 3 months of work was basically wasted. :'(

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